Properties of Matters - Chemistry for Young Children

In this pirate adventure game your parrot, Pat, has flown away to a far-off island and your job is to get Pat back. At each stop along the way you will learn valuable lessons about the properties and states of matter.

Before embarking on your trip you will need to pack 3 trunks with items for your journey. You can organize these however you like. You could group your items based on weight, size, texture, color or any other way that makes sense to organize them. Throughout all of the games you will have a chance to weight, measure and learn about the texture of each of the items at the top of the screen.

There are 3 more islands with challenges including balancing a listing boat, monkey meal challenge, and the saving Pat the Parrot island challenge.

For teachers looking to use this in their classroom there are a number of features that can be turned on, including the ability to ask each student an audio question at the completion of each game. The student's responses are saved to their profile for later listening. This enables teachers to use one iPad for multiple students but save each student's recordings separately.